Meeting Locations:

Fairview Church
844 NE 78th Street
, Seattle, WA 98155

Seattle is known for its coffee, software, airplanes, music, and, of course, the Space Needle. The RTB Seattle, WA Chapter serves greater Seattle and the surrounding urban areas of western Washington.

Our chapter was sidelined for three long years due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, but we are returning to monthly gatherings on the second Saturday of each month at our new host church – the Fairview Church at 844 NE 78th Street, Seattle 98115

The Seattle chapter provides a dynamic place for Christians and non-Christians alike to discover the wonder of this universe we live in and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We exist to promote a healthy dialogue about worldviews and reasons for faith that promote a deeper understanding of the consistency between science and the inerrant Word of God.

We welcome anyone seeking to learn more about creation, the uniqueness of our place in this universe, the beauty of life on Earth, and our relationship to the Creator. We always enjoy vibrant discussions and warm fellowship at every gathering. We’ll provide the coffee and snacks.

We hope to see you at the next chapter gathering!