Reasons Institute offers a certificate program in science apologetics. Our program is open to anyone who wants to be prepared to share the gospel with scientists and skeptics without going through a formal degree program.

Basic Certificate 

Completing the entry-level courses required for the Basic Certificate in Science Apologetics exposes you to the foundational ideas of old-earth creation and the distinctives of RTB’s testable creation model approach. It also opens the door to membership in our Apologetics Community. This membership gives you access to supportive and stimulating interaction with other members. 

Required courses:

  • Creation and the Bible

And ONE of the following:

  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Astronomy and Design
  • One of our intensive modules offered through Regent University, Biola University, or Southern Evangelical Seminary
Intermediate Certificate 

Through the courses required for the Intermediate Certificate in Science Apologetics you’ll dig deeper into the distinctive features of RTB’s testable creation model approach

Prerequisite: Basic Certificate

Required courses:

  • Evangelism in a Scientific Context

And ONE of the following:

  • Astronomy and Design
  • Biblical Archeology
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • World Religions and Science 
Advanced Certificate

In order to receive the Advanced Certificate in Science Apologetics you need to complete two of the following advanced graduate-level seminar courses. 

Prerequisite: Intermediate Certificate

Complete TWO of the following:

  • Advanced Seminar on Astronomy and Design
  • Advanced Seminar on the Origin of Life
  • Advanced Seminar on Human Origins
  • Advanced Seminar on Biochemical Design

(Some of these courses are offered through Biola University or Regent University)

Work Requirements

Students working toward any RI certificate are required to complete all of the following tasks:

  • Listen to all lectures and videos
  • Complete all assigned course readings
  • Participate in weekly threaded discussions
  • Answer all study questions
  • Submit one short paper (e.g., a video review or book report)
  • Take the final exam

You are expected to complete each certificate level within 3 years from the start of your first class. Certificate courses offer no college credit and cannot be upgraded for college credit at a later time.

For further information about Reasons Institute’s certificate in science apologetics program, please contact us at (855) REASONS or [email protected].