Lesson Format

Here is some basic information to help you know what to expect when taking a Reasons Institute course.

This short video provides an overview of how Reasons Institute works.

Reasons Institute courses are taken exclusively online. Students can access the lesson materials from the comfort of their own home anytime.

Your virtual classroom is accessed via the Moodle online learning platform. There are no specific times students must be online, so students can access lectures and notes at their convenience.

Here is what a typical week’s lesson looks like:

  • Watch two or three audio and/or video lectures (usually 50 minutes each) from our staff scholars, science apologists, or partners.
  • Complete the assigned reading (usually 50–70 pages) for that week.
  • Upload answers to one or two study questions (roughly 300–400 words each), applying lesson principles to your life or ministry.
  • Participate in online message boards. These give you the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback about what you’re learning.
  • Submit your assignments before Sunday night of each week. 

Weekly written assignments are only required for students taking the course for credit through an institution or working toward a Reasons Institute certificate.

For more information on Reasons Institute courses, contact us at (855) REASONS or email [email protected].