Celestial Events and Biblical Prophecy

More and more often, we hear of the claims about the significance of celestial events such as lunar eclipses, “blood moons,” and “ring of fire” solar eclipses. Are these events strictly natural or do they hold spiritual significance? What do the Scriptures have to say about them? And, a question we might not think to ask, what does a Bible-believing astrophysicist think about all of these celestial events?

Dr. Jeff Zweerink joins host Jeannette Rocher on Bridge City News to share his thoughts on how Christians can think about these events. He also offers some ideas on how to responsibly navigate the space between sensationalism and dismissiveness of what God may be trying to say to us.

This interview is uncut and unedited as it originally aired on May 13, 2021, on Bridge City News. Opinions and third-party advertisements in this recording were selected and placed by the original owners and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Reasons to Believe.