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Through the Lens: Evolution, “A Closer Look at Chemical Evolution (Origins of Life)” (Standard Definition)

Discussion Ideas

Before watching the video:

  • Review: Do a brief review of the five different definitions of the word “evolution” as explained in the first episode. Which definitions did Dr. Rana suggest were compatible with Christianity? Which ones offered potential challenges to Christianity?
  • Discuss: Browse the section on the Miller-Urey experiment a high school biology textbook. How is this research used by the textbook to demonstrate scientific evidence for evolution?
  • Summary of the main idea of this video: Chemical evolution is one of the definitions of evolution that Dr. Rana suggests poses a potential threat to the Christian faith. This video will explore that issue in more detail. Can life come from non-life?

After the video:

  • Discuss: What are the problems with using the Miller-Urey experiment as evidence for chemical evolution?
  • Recommended Resource: What Darwin Didn’t Know (RTB booklet)

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