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Will Artificial Intelligence Acquire Consciousness? – Part 1

The discussion begins with an explanation of “Higgs”, the artificial intelligence in Michael’s script “Blue Hope”. The conversation quickly moves to a significant tangent about moral dilemmas. Sometimes virtues conflict with each other (is it okay to lie in order to save a life?). Michael describes his current project about an Armenian who assassinated a world leader who committed genocide (was this assassination ‘moral’?). Jeff adeptly brings the conversation back home to the question “Will AI ever become conscious?” 

JEFF works on dark matter research at UCLA and is also a resident scholar at Reasons To Believe (RTB). Find more about RTB at their website: RTB Website

Shorter excerpts from this episode can be found at the exclusive “Jeff And Mike YouTube Channel

MIKE is an independent producer in development on an Armenian Genocide story. He also has several other YouTube channels (besides “Jeff & Mike”). Tales Of Truth YouTube channel

 Sovereign Artsakh YouTube channel 

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