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Will Supercomputers Prove The Resurrection Of Christ? – Part 1

In Michael’s science fiction script, “Blue Hope” the AI ultimately helps lead the main character to a belief in Christ. Jeff and Michael discuss whether supercomputing will ever reach the point where they designate the resurrection as ‘fact’. Jeff’s insights and expertise in computer programming shed light on the likelihood and ultimate utility of such a possibility. Michael transitions the discussion toward the morality of how tech companies use their power?

JEFF works on dark matter research at UCLA and is also a resident scholar at Reasons To Believe (RTB). Find more about RTB at their website: RTB Website

Shorter excerpts from this episode can be found at the exclusive “Jeff And Mike YouTube Channel

MIKE is an independent producer in development on an Armenian Genocide story. He also has several other YouTube channels (besides “Jeff & Mike”). Tales Of Truth YouTube channel

 Sovereign Artsakh YouTube channel 

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