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Will Supercomputers Prove The Resurrection Of Christ? – Part 2

Most of this episode is a complete tangent from the original subject. Jeff begins by emphasizing that technology is useful but not essential for success/fulfillment. Michael launches into a Star Wars example of how technological constraints (in filmmaking) actually resulted in a better product (“A New Hope”) than when those restraints were lessened. Several other Hollywood films come up in the discussion including The Matrix1917BirdmanThe Avengers, and Remember the Titans. Michael discusses the screenwriting process and how “God is the best story teller”.

JEFF works on dark matter research at UCLA and is also a resident scholar at Reasons To Believe (RTB). Find more about RTB at their website: RTB Website

Shorter excerpts from this episode can be found at the exclusive “Jeff And Mike YouTube Channel

MIKE is an independent producer in development on an Armenian Genocide story. He also has several other YouTube channels (besides “Jeff & Mike”). Tales Of Truth YouTube channel

 Sovereign Artsakh YouTube channel 

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